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Celina the Egyptian Princess
Celina is my version of an Egyptian pony Princess. She is 18 years old and is a born princess.
Cairo the Egyptian Cat
This is my version of a cat from Egypt. Her name is Cairo after the capital city of Egypt and she lives next to the Nile and lives with the Pharaoh as a pet to the King's wife. She's rather feisty but can be really friendly and loving. She protects the members of the royal family to the best of her ability even though she doesn't always succeed. She also loves to raid the royal kitchen every so often for extra treats. Cairo is 3 years old in cat years.
Serena the Fairy of Spring
This is the main fairy character of the kid's story "Magic in the Air: Fairies" I've changed her name to Serena as I think it suits her better. I drew grass blades and mushrooms in the background to show what size she is. Serena is a Florist in training and is 16 years old in fairy age. Her home is Fairy Hollow which is in an old abandoned wishing well deep in the forest but sometimes she disobeys the rules and goes up to the surface to the outside world where humans live and that's how she meets Sapphire the ten year old girl.
Sapphire and the Fairy of Spring
Sapphire is a little girl that still goes to Primary School but she is 10 years old and loves fairies so much that she is one of the few kids that actually believe they exist. When she does meet a fairy named Serena, she's about to learn the location of their fairy kingdom but is pulled away for dinner. So when Sapphire and her parents go for a picnic in the forest in a secret garden with an abandoned wishing well, Sapphire falls into the well without them knowing and discovers that the well not only has a lake deep beneath it but a whole new world of fairies. This is a story idea for a kid's book called "Magic In The Air: Fairies".
Ina - Princess of Elfora
Ina is an Elf girl that gets separated from her family as a child and when she turns 17 she decides she's had enough only living in random places for a time and then moving on. So she goes on a journey across meadows, rivers, and swing bridges to find the place where all Elves go for protection and to have a safe and happy life - Elfora. What Ina doesn't know is that when she does find out who her family is, she discovers she's not who she thought she was at all. Instead of being a plain village girl, she turns out to be a princess of the Elves.
Hello again,

If you're looking for MLP main characters or OCs to be drawn in my style or even anime human characters just flick me a note and I'll get it done as soon as I can. I've just finished my course and so got loads more time to spend drawing.

Point Commissions
MLP Main Characters (by themselves or with OCs)= 50 points
MLP OCs (one or two)= 70 points
MLP OCs (more than two)= 80 points
Anime human character (one)= 90 points
Anime human characters (more than one)= 100 points
Anime character/characters (with background) = 150 points
MLP Main Characters/OCs (with background) = 100 points
Other Movie Characters (fan art) = 50 points
Other Movie art (OCs/OCs with main characters) = 120 points
Existing Super Heroes = 100 points
Super Hero OCs = 130 points

NOTE: the anime art will be my version of anime/manga as I'm still practicing it.


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Jaimee Wordsworth
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
New Zealand
I am 22 years old and I love HORSES and drawing. I draw almost every day depending on my mood and what I want to draw. Most of my art are either fan art or original work for story ideas. I also love Star Trek - especially the tv shows and the new movies with Chris Pine as Captain Kirk.


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